• We Need Your Help – Check Out Our New Campaign!
    We need your help – please help us get the word out about this campaign, we really want it to fund!
  • Our Third Kickstarter Is About To Go Live!
    Working on the last accessory for the foreseeable future was a bit emotional. We’ve learned/grown a lot in the last two years and met some wonderful people. It is time to move on to bigger projects, hopefully full sized games! Follow along to see how our journey progresses.
  • Funding Two Kickstarters In Under A Year
    Building on the success of our last campaign, we took the opportunity to work with an extremely talented artist and member of our community to create some incredible fantasy themed card tokens.
  • We’re Live! We’re Funded! We’re… Considering Stretch Goals?!?!
    This project launch has gone so well! We’re already pacing towards double our goal and have plenty of room to grow. These are some of the tings I have learned so far.
  • Kickstarter Stuff – Why It Is Probably Much Harder Than You Think…
    Launching a Kickstarter is hard! Despite years of preparation, I was still caught off guard. Here is what surprised me the most!
  • Getting Back on the Horse! More to Come in 2021…
    I was terrible about posting in 2020! Here’s to getting back at it
  • Build A Game In Under 2 Hours! No, Really…
    I wanted to give an update on the group we run every month, “build a game in 2 hours or less” Building a game in that much time is hard, here is how we do it πŸ˜›
  • Meetup Notes – Our 1 Year Anniversary and November’s Build a Game in 2 Hours
    This November was our Meetup group’s 1-year anniversary! Check out the two games we built in less than 2 hours πŸ™‚
  • Gaming Weekend — Why Playing Games is Making Games
    I played games all weekend on a remote island near Canada… DON’T MAKE ME COME BACK TO REAL LIFE :'(
  • Play, Analyze, Improve…Card Games? Meetup Recap
    Card games. Like, with playing cards. What’s up with them? Can we iterate on some of the classics? What is War even good for? All that and more from our latest meetup.
  • I Made a Game
    Come check out the process behind my latest prototype. I’ll talk about some of the major issue people face when prototyping and some of the strategies you can use to work through them.
  • Metro Mage Games
    First! Come check out our first post ever (which then got updated into our first and one half post ever) about how we picked our name! This is largely not about game design but just a fun story and an introduction to our site πŸ™‚