Getting Back on the Horse! More to Come in 2021…

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What’s this post about?

Honestly? I’m not sure yet… 2020 was really hard, and yet I’ve finally almost launched our first Kickstarter after years of working to build a community and make games. That link to the project is a very exclusive Preview Page not widely circulated, but:

  1. I don’t think anyone is actually reading this after me not posting for a year!
  2. That link re-directs to the actual Kickstarter once the campaign goes live so putting it there saves me from having to update links later!
  3. If you’re reading this and you see the Preview Page, congrats! You are in a very select group of people and I think that’s pretty cool 🙂

Here’s some things I’m thinking of writing about…

I played a LOT of games last year… More to come on my personal favorites, the most unique/inspiring and maybe some deeper analysis on their mechanics

The Meetup Group & Community has more or less staled out because of COVID. We have no good way to keep building games with strangers in an online world. Working with members of the group I met pre-COVID has been very rewarding though… If you are reading this, don’t take it as a reason not to join, I’m just noting how hard it has been to organize our usual events like the monthly Build a Game in 2 Hours or Less 🙁 There is a lot I could write about this, but I might wind up leaving it in the past

I’ve gained a wealth of information on manufacturing, working with artists, product distribution/fulfillment, designing a Kickstarter page, backing other Kickstarters and running a Kickstarter in general. I’m definitely going to be boiling down these experiences into some first-hand accounts of what I consider to be the most useful lessons

Oh… uh, I guess that is the post? I’m not really sure what to write about these days and with so many good topics and so much work to do on the Kickstarter I didn’t want to make laboring over the topic a priority. For now, it is just good to be posting again and if 2020 taught me anything, it’s to be proud of every accomplishment, even if they didn’t take much effort or don’t seem like a big deal

I’ll continue my list of future topics and look forward to writing about games for a long time. Hopefully everyone’s 2021 is off to a good start and their 2020 was as painless as possible, all things considered…

If you are a human and are reading this…

If any of the above topics are particularly interesting to you I’d love to cover that one first. Let me know in the comments below

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