Funding Two Kickstarters In Under A Year

We did it! Our second campaign in less than twelve months has successfully funded

For anyone here looking for a link, here is the campaign:

You can back this project to get any of the tokens below, plus stretch goals and commissioned art. There’s a total of 6 tokens that could be added to the campaign.

How has funding two campaigns changed Metro Mage?

In short, it really hasn’t. Metro Mage Games has been a game design experiment from day one. We’ve learned a lot and the community has grown substantially since its inception, but there’s still an incredible amount of information for us to take in. It is likely that things will continue to grow slowly over the next few campaigns.

More to come in the NEXT twelve months

Running a Community/Business/Meetup Group is a lot of work and there are many more laws and costs that come with it than we expected… As someone who tends to dive in first, ask questions later, I can confidently say that I’m just now getting the hang of it.

With the boring stuff like taxes, certificates, and mailing lists out of the way, I’m hoping to have more time for the tasks I thought would be involved with starting a company, like writing for this blog! Metro Mage can’t wait to bring you the best content and projects possible in 2022, with our new infrastructure, campaigns, and better understanding of publishing. We look forward to showing you how much we’ve learned!

If you’re a designer, what were some of the hardest lesson you had to to learn when first starting out?

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