Our Third Kickstarter Is About To Go Live!

We hope you liked the first two, because here comes our third… and maybe last… line of accessories!

To anyone looking for link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/metromagegames/magic-the-gathering-compatible-counters-series-2

To anyone looking for info about the campaign, keep reading!

The details

The campaign will be our way of feeling out how much more interest there is in Magic: The Gathering accessories such as these while offering a resale of all of our previous products. We’re hoping that some of the cool new components we designed will be appealing to players. During all our playtests, the metal Monarch Crown was particularly exciting!

Check out some of these awesome glamour shots from the Kickstarter page:

Why did you say this might be your last accessory earlier…

It is not as bad as it sounds! Metro Mage Games has been growing very consistently for a few years. The hope is that we will start to be able to publish board games, something we we’re always working towards long term. Hopefully these first three Kickstarters will have established us some credibility. Once this one is over, we should be ready to step up to the big leagues and start publishing games.

Why don’t you blog anymore?

The past year has been crazy with the multiple Kickstarters, contracting to run playtests of games, giving lectures on design, trying to re-launch the Meetup Group post COVID, and much more. This blog means a lot me personally and I am committed to getting back to it in the last few months of 2022 and again in 2023! Please follow along to hear more about what we have going on!

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